What is an Offbeatmammal…?

I'm a media-focussed technical evangelist, and developer, with experience in both the Startup and Corporate world. I have worked for advertising and media firms, on record breaking television franchises, and for Fortune 100 Companies.

I've developed a couple of open source projects (jsErrLog and jsNoSpam). Please check them out, make use of them, or contribute if you can.

After many years of dithering, I wrote a book. Tuesday Tales: Falling, a young adult sci-fi novella, is available from Amazon.

I am active on StackOverflow, and I occasionally blog.

Work Experience


Vice President, Services (Asia Pacific & Japan): Running a team of media professionals delivering solutions to clients using tools from Ooyala and our partners.

Audience Precision

Technical Advisor: External technical advisor to the Founder and management team on platform implementation and strategy.


Technology Evangelist: Specializing in Media and Cloud technologies, working with partners in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Solutions Architect Manager: Managed (and as an active team member) the Solution Architect team for the Fire Tablet, Fire TV and Amazon Echo products.


Full-stack Web Development services, and Media Streaming for television and advertising partners. Developed and managed website and streaming media for the first six years of Big Brother in Australia.