What is an Offbeatmammal…?

I'm a media-focussed technical evangelist and full stack developer, with experience as an individual contributor and team leader, in both the Startup and Corporate world. I have worked for advertising and media firms, on record breaking television franchises, for Fortune 100 Companies, and even a NASA project. I consult on high profile, large scale, commercially successful web and online video projects, and have over a decade of experience delivering highly performant websites and online video solutions, using a variety of server technologies and languages. I approach any project with a strong focus on delivering reliability and scalability - using either dedicated server infrastructure or cloud computing, coupled with appropriate content delivery and acceleration networks - to deliver great experience to your users on desktop and mobile browsers.

I've developed some open source projects (jsErrLog and jsNoSpam and others). Please check them out, make use of them, or contribute if you can.

After many years of wondering if I had it in me, I wrote a book. Tuesday Tales: Falling, a young adult sci-fi novella, and a follow-up short story Tuesday Tales: Running Late. Both are available from Amazon. Now I just need to finish the next one...

I am active on StackOverflow, and I occasionally blog and post on Medium.


Audience Precision

Chief Technology Officer: Planning, developing, and managing the techology supporting the business.


Freelance technology consulting, streaming media, website development, and television production.


Vice President, Services (Asia Pacific & Japan): Managing the regions Solution Architect, Technical Program Manager, Customer Success, and Technical Account Manager teams delivering solutions to clients using tools from Ooyala and our partners.

Audience Precision

Technical Advisor: External technical advisor to the Founder and management team on platform implementation and strategy.


Technology Evangelist: Specializing in Media and Cloud technologies, working with partners in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Solutions Architect Manager: Managed (and participated as an active team member) the Solution Architect team for the Fire Tablet, Fire TV and Amazon Echo products.


Full-stack Web Development services, and Media Streaming deployment, for television and advertising partners. Developed and managed website and streaming media for projects such as the first six years of Big Brother in Australia.